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Coway Hypercaptive ™ filtering

The special filter combination removes up to 99.999% of the particles in nanog dimensions up to 0.01 µm from the air - bacteria and viruses are larger.

Why 99.999% with a size of 0.01 micrometers?

Pre -filter

Human hair

Animal hair

House dust mites


Activated carbon filter

Smell of food

Cigarette smoke

Pet smell





acetic acid



Ultrafein particle filter with Greenhepa ™ technology






House dust mites





Greenhepa ™ Antivirus technology offers double protection against viruses and more

Our filters are treated with a special antivirus formula that is completely harmless to the human organism. As laboratory tests have shown, it offers double protection. It eliminates 99.9 % of all potentially harmful particles from the indoor air². An additional external test confirms the neutralization of the human coronavirus (HCOV-OC43) within 2 hours³.

* Not tested with SARS-COV-2 and the neutralization test is not a guarantee of SARS-COV-2 prevention.

The revolutionary Megajet ™ technology

Coway's pioneering aerodynamics technology was developed to offer real jet performance.

With the jet to pure air

The Megajet ™ technology lets you decide where the clean air should flow.


The aerodynamics are designed in such a way that they can switch between two circulation modes.


In focus mode, concentrated, clean air is emitted forward.


And in normal mode, the cleaned air is led very wide out of the device.

My focus mode

In focus mode, clean air flows forward and spread over the entire room faster. This is particularly efficient when the jet is used together with air conditioning/heating, since it circulates the air faster, heats up the room/cools down and saves energy overall.


Turn the nozzle up to activate normal mode.


Clean air is released far up to achieve an even cleaning effect.


Cleans the direct environment very quickly and then gradually spreads over the entire room.

My normal mode

In normal mode, the clean air is released far up so that nearby rooms can be cleaned faster. The clean air is then gradually distributed throughout the room.


Turn the nozzle forward to activate the focus mode.


Like a fan, clean air flows forward and lets the air circulate quickly.


Cleans remote areas and large areas efficiently with strong air circulation.

Two circulation modes and automated functions

You determine whether the clean air should flow up or forward and can choose between the fully automatic modes of car, calm and turbo.

Two circulation modes and automated functions

You determine whether the clean air should flow up or forward and can choose between the fully automatic modes of car, calm and turbo.

Good Mediocre Unhealthy Very unhealthy
1Car, rest, turbo mode
23 Manually adjustable speeds
3Filter exchange display
4Light on/from child locking (if pressed for 2 seconds)
5Normal / focus mode
1 2 3 4 5
Car, rest, turbo mode
3 Manually adjustable speeds
Filter exchange display
Light on/from child locking (if pressed for 2 seconds)
Normal / focus mode

The super-silent mode

If you want to work concentrated or relax in an undisturbed, the resting mode ensures an optimally cleaned room air for whisper -like 20 dB operating noise.

Fresh air with the turbo mode at lightning speed

Whether she is romping around with the children or her attention is the four -legged family members: the turbo mode quickly creates the perfect atmosphere. With maximum power, the turbo mode ensures a fresh indoor climate.

Classified by the test facta research laboratory as the best air purifier in Europe

The renowned Swedish Institute Test Facta voted the Airmega Jet as the test winner in December 2020. A total of 13 air purifiers sold in Europe were compared in terms of their ability to remove air pollutants and allergens from the air.

Awarded with three design prices

The Airmega Jet is a particularly powerful air purifier with a seamless, modern design that was awarded international design prices.

The characteristic jet look

An air purifier with solid performance and slim design that fits perfectly everywhere.

More about the Airmega Jet

Airmega jet operating instructions

Download operating instructions for the Airmega Jet:Operating instructions - Airmega Jet

Airmega jet specifications

Room cover: 104 m2

CADR value (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 402m3/H

Filter: Preliminary filter + activated carbon filter + ultra -fier particle filter

Filter life: Activated carbon filters (1 year) + ultraver particle filter (1 year)

Air quality indicator: 4 4 colors (blue / green / yellow / red)

Air flow control: 6 stages (car / calm / turbo / 1/2/3)

Min. Noise level: 20 dB

Max. Noise level: 50 dB

Power consumption:Max 50 W

Product dimensions (H x W x T): 71.7 x 37.6 x 19.6 cm

Product weight: 8.7 kg


Ecarf seal of approval

The Ecarf seal is characterized by products and services that are fully adjusted to the needs of allergy sufferers, so that an allergic reaction is very unlikely.

Megajet ™ technology

Two modes for the air exit- optionally for fast air circulation in smaller areas or large air purification and fast cooling and heating processes.

Greenhepa ™ technology

Double protection against viruses and bacteria. The Greenhepa ™ filter not only filters particles such as viruses and bacteria, but also inactivates them.

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