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3-stage filtration system with air humidification

The Hue & Healing cleans the air indoors and at the same time ensures humidification to ward off viruses and bacteria.¹

Why 99.999% with a size of 0.01 micrometers?

Pre -filter

Human hair

Animal hair

House dust mites


Activated carbon filter

Smell of food

Cigarette smoke

Pet smell





acetic acid



Ultrafein particle filter






House dust mites





Check air quality and moisture with a button pressure

Hue & Healing has an intuitive control panel for monitoring and controlling air quality and humidity in real time.

Check air quality and moisture with a button pressure

Hue & Healing has an intuitive control panel for monitoring and controlling air quality and humidity in real time.

Good Mediocre Unhealthy Very unhealthy
1Display for air quality monitoring in real time
2Car mode / rest mode / sleep mode / turbo mode
3Display of the air humidity level
4Light control / mood light
1 2 3 4
Display for air quality monitoring in real time
Car mode / rest mode / sleep mode / turbo mode
Display of the air humidity level
Light control / mood light

Fresh air with the turbo mode at lightning speed

Whether she is romping around with the children or her attention is the four -legged family members: the turbo mode quickly creates the perfect atmosphere. With maximum power, the turbo mode ensures a fresh indoor climate.

The super-silent mode

If you want to work concentrated or relax in an undisturbed, the resting mode ensures an optimally cleaned room air for whisper -like 22 dB operating noise.

Excellent air purification at minimal volume

With the "Quiet Mark", the British Noise Abate Society certifies that this device is remarkably quiet in normal use and in special usage situations.

More security with the natural steam air humidifier

The water in the tank wets the green moisturized filter to create moisture. The filtered clean air of the air purifier comes into contact with the moisture and bears the naturally evaporated ultra -stone water particles of 0.0001 micrometer size (0.1 nanometers).

This is extremely certain because the size is so low that no germs are transmitted

Small water particles are continued as ultrasound fog

Avoid unsightly wet areas and leaves no white spots

The humidity automatically regulates the ideal value of 40-60 %

Natural steam droplets do not transport germs.
A automatically keeps a humidity of 40-60 % upright

Fast moisture and drying

Simply use tap water

Push-open design enables easy filling and cleaning

Fast moisture with 450 ml/h

Auto-Dry function dries the moistening filter to protect against bacterial contamination

Only the air purifier runs without water in the tank

Perfect indoor climate: ready for bed

In sleep mode, the ambient light is switched on with 30 lux and is dimmed after 20 minutes to accompany it in a pleasant sleep.

*The light can be switched on and off manually.

Excellent with the IF design Award

The seamless, attractive look of the Airmega Hue & Healing was honored with the prestigious IF Design Award.

With the Hue & Healing you bring a design highlight to every room

Fits perfectly with every living room and bedroom furnishings and ensures pure comfort.

More about the Airmega Hue & Healing

Airmega Hue & Healing operating instructions

Download operating instructions for the Airmega Hue & Healing: Operating instructions - Airmega

Airmega Hue & Healing Specifications

Room cover: 64 m2

CADR value (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 247 m3/H

Filter: Preliminary filter + activated carbon filter + ultra -fier particle filter

Filter life: Activated carbon filter (1 year) + Ultrafein particle filter (1 year)

Air quality indicator: 4 colors (blue / mauve / purple / red)

Air flow control: 4 levels (car / calm / sleep / turbo)

Min. Noise level: 22 dB

Max. Noise level: 43 dB

Power consumption: Min 6.1 W - Max 26.2 W

Product dimensions (H x W x T): 51.5 x 41.0 x 27.2 cm

Product weight: 9.7 kg


Quiet Mark certification

Before buying, Quiet Mark offers reliable and independent information about the noise level of a product and its tested noise minimization with the main goal, health and well -being.

Natural humidifier

The natural evaporation moisture is safe and efficient with a bladder size of 0.0001 micrometers, which is too small to transport harmful particles and spread further through the air flow of the air purifier.

Automatic filter drying

When the moistening function is switched off, the Hue & Healing automatically dries the moisturized filter to prevent possible bacterial growth and extend the lifespan of the filter.

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