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Coway Hypercaptive ™ filtering

The combination of several filters away up to 99.999% of the particles in nanog dimensions up to 0.01 µm from the air, smaller than bacteria and viruses.¹

Washable pre -filter

Catches big particles such as dust, animal hair and more.

Max2 Green ™ filter with Coway Greenhepa ™ Technology

The pioneering combination of activated carbon and Greenhepa ™ technology together with the ultra-fine particle filter ensures maximum filtering of the usually households available.

Max2 Green ™ filter with Coway Greenhepa ™ Technology

The secondary filter with Greenhepa ™ technology removes particles such as allergens, bacteria, skin scales, fine dust, mold spores, pollen and viruses.

Washable pre -filter

The secondary filter catches large particles such as dust, animal hair and more.

Why 99.999% with a size of 0.01 micrometers?

Pre -filter

Human hair

Animal hair

House dust mites


Max2 Green ™ filter with Coway Greenhepa ™ Technology

Smell of food

Cigarette smoke

Pet smell













House dust mites





Max2 Green ™ filter for maximum filtration.

• Activated carbon and ultrafein particle filter

• Microd seal: no air outlet

• one -time filter maintenance

• Coway Greenhepa ™ technology

The Max2 Green ™ filter is an all-in-one filter that consists of an activated carbon filter and ultra-fine particle filter. The microd seal is perfectly processed and combined with the Greenhepa ™ technology to offer maximum performance and simplify maintenance.

Greenhepa ™ Antivirus technology offers double protection against viruses and more.

Our filters are treated with a special antivirus formula that is completely harmless to the human organism. As laboratory tests have shown, it offers double protection. It eliminates 99.9 % of all potentially harmful particles from the indoor air². An additional external test confirms the neutralization of the human coronavirus (HCOV-OC43) within 2 hours.

* Not tested with SARS-COV-2 and the neutralization test is not a guarantee of SARS-COV-2 prevention.

The advanced air filter system from Coway with double suction

Equipped with a powerful double extraction, the Airmega 300s delivers clean air with a CADR of 575 m³/h and covers small to very large rooms of up to 149 m².

The smartest member of the Airmega family

With the app you can control all modes, such as fully automatic smart mode, the energy-efficient eco mode or the extremely quiet sleep mode.

The smartest member of the Airmega family

With the app you can control all modes, such as fully automatic smart mode, the energy-efficient eco mode or the extremely quiet sleep mode.

Good Mediocre Unhealthy Very unhealthy
1App-controlled timer
2Preliminary filter cleaning / display for main filter change
3Air quality display
4Fan Speed ​​/ Mode Control
5Smart mode / sleep mode / three manual speeds
1 2 3 4 5
App-controlled timer
Preliminary filter cleaning / display for main filter change
Air quality display
Fan Speed ​​/ Mode Control
Smart mode / sleep mode / three manual speeds

My smart modes

With the smart mode function, the Coway Airmega automatically adapts its surroundings and adjusts the fan speed to the room air quality.

Intelligent car mode

The smart mode changes the fan speed and switches on the ECO mode based on the air quality in real time. This improves the efficiency of the device and saves energy.

Intelligent Eco mode

The ECO mode switches on automatically when the room stays clean for 10 minutes. The blower is switched off to save energy and switches on again as soon as the air quality deteriorates.

Smart mode/sleep mode

If the integrated light and air sensor detects darkness for 3 minutes with optimal air quality, it automatically reduces the fan speed to reduce the running noise and save energy. The sleep mode can also be activated manually.

Excellent air purification at minimal volume

With the "Quiet Mark", the British Noise Abate Society certifies that this device is remarkably quiet in normal use and in special usage situations.

Simply control each part of your 300s from any location via the app

All functions of the device can be controlled and monitored via the Coway Iocare app.

All functions under control from every place

Set the device performance via your smartphone, change the mode, activate the timer and much more.

Air quality report

So you are always informed about the current air quality in your room and can intervene if necessary.

Filter notification

The filter status warning reliably reports when it is time to clean or change a filter.

Attractive premium look

The perfect connection of high -quality design and excellent air quality.

More about the Airmega 300s

Airmega 300S operating instructions

Download operating instructions for the Airmega 300S: Operating instructions - Airmega 300s

See the instructions for connecting to the mobile app here

Airmega 300S specifications

Airmega 300S Specifications

Room cover: 149 m2

CADR value (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 575 m3/H

Filter: Pre -filter + Max2 Green ™ filter

Filter life: Max2 Green ™ filter (1 year)

Air quality indicator: 4 colors (blue / green / yellow / red)

Air flow control: 5 levels (Smart / Sleep / 1/2/3)

Timer: 1, 4, 8 hours

Min. Noise level: 22 dB

Max. Noise level: 52 dB

Power consumption: Max 57 W

Product dimensions (H x W x T): 53.2 x 34.5 x 34.5 cm

Product weight: 10 kg


Ecarf seal of approval

The Ecarf seal is characterized by products and services that are fully adjusted to the needs of allergy sufferers, so that an allergic reaction is very unlikely.

Quiet-Mark certification

Before buying, Quiet Mark offers reliable and independent information about the noise level of a product and its tested noise minimization with the main goal, health and well -being.

Idea Awards

Coways exquisite product design was awarded the most prestigious International Design Excellence Award (IDEA). Coway was awarded for the highest standard for 12 years in a row.

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