Groundbreaking solutions for everyday life

We are active to give you a better and safer life.

Innovative solutions based on innovative technologies

Our market-leading products for air and water cleaning as well as body care are all based on our technologies, and are fully aimed at offering them more quality of life.

Airmega brings a fresh breeze into her life

Air is the essence of our life and Coway has been causing air to breathe in their purest form for more than 27 years. Coway delivers industry -leading air purifiers with the latest technology that was developed in the largest air research center Asia. Behind it is a database with 196 billion individual air data.

Aquamega - simply clean water

Water is vital for all of us, and that was exactly the idea that led to the foundation of Coway over 30 years ago. Our F & E-Department is the most renowned facility with dozens of WQA experts and analyzes water quality in more than 40 countries to provide water that is always full of taste and safe to drink.

Bidet mega for hygienic body care

In order to make life more pleasant and more hygienic, Coway produces industry-leading intelligent bidets with the characteristic I-wave care system. We take care of every aspect of everyday life and, among other things, produce water hardness, massage chairs and foot baths for comprehensive body care.

Maximum sleeping comfort with the coway mattress.

A top -class mattress in a box that is of high quality and budget -friendly. Available for any desired bed type and supported by the advanced 7-zone structure. With interchangeable edition.

Clever solutions for a pleasant life

Simple, but robust products that we can rely on, such as the Coway Induction hob, the intelligent laundry cleaner and the innovative LED cell face mask, make our lives so much more pleasant.

Our passion to continue

Started in order to develop pioneering solutions for everyday life, we have faced various other lifestyle categories after water treatment and air purification. Thanks to our passion for technology, we will continue to develop new products that enable us to live more fulfilled.

We believe that clean air makes a decisive difference

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Filter technology

Hypercaptive ™ filtering with Coway Greenhepa ™ technology.

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